Welcome. If you want to better understand yourself and your relationships we are here to help. Pacific Clinic provides
psychological services to people living on and visiting Kauai. Call us to make an appointment: (808) 822-5881.

Pacific Clinic, Inc.
Telephone: (808) 822-5881
Everyone has difficult times and sometimes it helps to talk
to someone who you can trust-someone who keeps your
concerns private. We offer a private and safe place for you
to talk about what hurts.

Seeing any therapist for the first time is often a difficult
task. The process of therapy at Pacific Clinic is gentle and
comfortable. We take the time to learn about you and find
ways to help that fit your needs.

A better life.

Pacific Clinic provides a number of services, including:
confidential psychotherapy sessions for individuals,
couples, and families; psychological assessments or
evaluations, and consulting.

We work with people of all ages--children, adolescents,
adults, and the elderly.

Life's challenges charge at us from all directions and problems arise in all domains of
our life.

As adults, we want to know more about ourselves and how to make our lives better.
You may be having problems at work or a close relationship may be strained. You may
have noticed that you worry a lot, you cry without knowing the reason, or perhaps
something horrible happened to you and it hard to move on. We are here to help.

As adolescents, we struggle with new and old relationships. Our parents often don't
understand us and don't always seem to listen very well. Our friends help but
sometimes that's not enough. You may have noticed you are arguing a lot with others,
your grades are slipping, or you don't feel as though you're getting anywhere. You think
about running away. Maybe you even got arrested. We are here to help.

As children, we get frustrated with others and get angry. We yell and scream but
nothing works. Maybe you break things or get in trouble at school. You find it really
hard to get schoolwork done. You even get angry with your brothers, sisters, and
cousins. You spend a lot time getting punished. We are here to help.

Seek a better life with Pacific Clinic.
Please call us at (808) 822-5881.